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Sweet September

It's that time of year again, sweet September. In light of recent events, it's a strange September. Back-to-school could mean back to the kitchen table for not just a meal, but also a Zoom class.

Parents are likely thinking about a ton of things while working from home and homeschooling. Healthy snacks, nutritious lunches, and nourishing weeknight dinners can quickly fall to the wayside. And even if you aren't a parent, it's still a good time to do a check-in with your health. As we think about how to support children nutritionally during the back-to-school season and the COVID-19 pandemic, also consider what your needs are too.

Whether you're looking for quick and easy meal ideas or healthier alternatives to some of your favorites, Minds on Meals is here to help. The tide is changing. More people are seeking an alternative to the standard American diet. The benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables are undeniable.

As a school teacher, I always encourage students to set goals. I'll ask you to do the same. One of my goals is to monitor what I eat in times of stress. The urge has been to indulge after a long day of work, but my goal is to limit the junk and find healthier options. What are your health goals? And is there any way I can assist? I hope that in this season, you continue to thrive. Stay safe and stay well.

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