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Discover the relationship between diet and disease as well as the power of healthful foods to defend against certain diseases and help the body heal from illness. Learn how to break unhealthful dietary patterns and make good food choices. Get tips on how to plan a weekly or monthly menu to get the most out of a limited budget while meeting optimal nutritional needs. And, a tour of a local grocery store in order to learn how to make the most of a limited budget and understand the nutrient density of various foods to stock your kitchen with health-promoting foods. In our classes, attendees do all of this while enjoying a cooking demonstration and tasting delicious, healthful dishes in a supportive group setting.



  • The Power Plate 

  • How Foods Fight Diabetes 

  • Foods for a Healthy Weight 

  • How Foods Fight Heart Disease 

  • Grocery Store Tour (Supplemental Class)

Nutrition and Cooking Education

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